Especially designed  to print on  food packaging  materials, the new Crystal is also suitable for various applications requiring a high level of automatism in order to speed up the job changes and to reduce the waste of materials,  inks and power consumption.
It does feature the Uteco Direct Drive Evo® technology, which ensures a perfect register accuracy between the colors for the entire press life.

The standard configuration of the Crystal includes front unwinder and rewinder for a better reel handling. The application of a robotic system (supplied on request)is then simplified by this specific design which makes the machine even more compact.

The Crystal  features a new automatic positioning system for all  print decks,  which improves the stiffness of each  printing  unit and the precision of its positioning (10 microns). The Printing Group in the standard configuration is supplied with the Flying Deck Make Ready System and  is designed to hold a CI drum cleaning device (supplied on request).  Several  groups of  LED lighting  grant an unmatchable brightness inside  the Printing Group.

Many innovations have been applied on the Crystal :

  • New ejection system for plate and anilox sleeve
  • Chamber Doctor Blade rotation of 90° for tool-less and on-press blade/ end-seal replacement
  • Programmable blade consumption/maintenance via the press HMI
  • Between Color Dryer rotation of 180° for on-press air nozzle inspection
  • Optimization of air nozzles geometry by means of a CFD fluid dynamics design
  • Automatic adjustment of the drying air flow  respecting  the production speed with high efficiency motors + inverters. Thus giving  noise reduction and energy savings


Kiss & Go®

The Kiss & Go® in a unique system which sets-up the printing pressures at every  new job start-up. By means of a close loop, the sensors read the color directly on the printed web and the processing unit automatically adjust the deck position to the best print quality.

Sprint Wash®

The Crystal is equipped with Uteco automatic and modular washing system. Three different washing cycles can be selected by the operator on the HMI, according to the next color change. The SprintWash® can be designed according to the customer needs:  use of solvent based,  water based inks or both types.


The color matching is very important to further reduce the changeover times.  By reading the printed image with a spectrophotometer (on-line or off-line) and comparing it with the reference image the delta can be transferred to the movable SmartKitch®,  which will dispense the proper quantity of color correction in a bucket ready for the press operator.


The new designed HMI  has been improved with additional  features and controls. With the touch screen the operator can access to a multi-page color display in order to operate the press and to have control of the different parameters related to printing.


The Crystal can be equipped with an integrated robotic system, which takes care of the preparation of the expandable shaft + core for the next splice ,as well as the lifting of the unprinted reel on the unwinder and  the discharge  of the printed reel  from the rewinder for its disposal on a  specific dedicated area.

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