PT TOSI JASINDO has just started its venture in 2000, but the management of PT TOSI JASINDO has been active in the Indonesian Packaging Industry since 20 years ago. We are the right partner for Total Solution for any Packaging need either for roto or flexo (Flexible Packaging), Label as well as Corrugated. We can cooperate for the following products :


Software for packaging, either graphic or structure (Artios) as well as for ink & dot gain control to achieve the best & consistent quality of your production. For local training we corporate with Digital Studio which located in Jakarta.

Quality Control

Densitometer, Spectrophotometers from FAG Switzerland

Mounting & proofing from Heaford, UK


Anilox roll, glue roll from Apex, Holland

Corrugated Belt from Feltri Marone, Italy

Corrugated Roll from Terdeca, Italy

Adhesive for corrugated from National Starch (ICI group)

Doctor Blade from Schneider

Diamand Stylus, Techno, Holland

Photopolymer plate, Nyloprint & Nylosolv (solvent) from Flint, Germany


Narrow web Flexo – Nilpeter, Denmark – for the label and packaging industry

Wide Web Flexo – Uteco, Italy – mainly for the flexible packaging industry

Digital Printing – XEIKON, Belgium – for label, boxes, etc

Flatbed Diecutter – Eterna Shanghai for the corrugated industry

We are the partner either for the consumables or machinery as well as to cooperate for a better and more efficient production. For this reason from time to time we will invite our expert partner from Europe to hold a seminar as well as we provide information for day to day production needs, such as :

  • Transfer digital data from offset format to flexo format (as mostly the repro house in Indonesia is concentrating just in the offset while the needs for flexo are different then offset, such as the angle, dot gain, etc)
  • How to use spectophotomer, to calibrate the digital data with the existing printing machine conditions
  • How to choose the right ink
  • How to choose the right Anilox for the right print quality with the provided plate resolution
  • How to maintenance and clean anilox roll, so that the print quality will always has the same density
  • How to choose the right plate that suitable either for halftone, vignette as well as solid color and barcode too

The Parameter adjustment for the good printing quality using the existing printing machine and all accessories available.

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