Back in the early 80s, the health & beauty market began making changes to their product designs. High-end brands such as L’Oréal were very visionary in their label designs, and they created a demand for combination printing, merging letterpress, rotary silkscreen, and rotary hot foil.

Combination Printing
Now, 30 years later, letterpress has been replaced by offset, UV-flexo, and digital printing technologies. Combination printing, with strong, bright colours, opaque whites, and print/foil in silver and gold, remains the preferred method to catch the eye of the consumers of healthcare products. Today, the production methods have been further developed with efficient use of gravure and similar techniques in connection with reverse printing to achieve metallic effects, and to get a ‘foil feel’ without using the costly hot foil substrates.

As the development in designs requires it, and the price of raw material increases, there is a growing demand for multi-substrate presses, who can handle increasingly thin substrates. Nilpeter’s FA-Line and MO-Line of presses are ideal when producing both simple and highly complex personal care labels. They can run substrates as thin as 12 my.

Short and Long Runs
Our platform-based design is open-structured. This provides the label creators with ample possibilities for innovative designs in thread with the current trend of increasingly short product lifecycles – to a large extent driven by the electronic media. As default, the Nilpeter presses are designed for short runs, and they are therefore perfectly suited for both short and long runs. The long run presses are equipped with non-stop production equipment, such as butt-splicers, turret rewind units, non-stop waste compression systems, and non-stop inline foiling and laminating systems.

Inline Solutions
To assist the health & beauty market, inclined to print on constantly renewed types of plastic laminate, we focus on inline solutions to give the individual brand owner and label producer the freedom of design and independence to develop their own laminate construction.

Nilpeter is proud to be a preferred partner to the leading health & beauty printers worldwide.

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