FUMA – Web Alignment

FUMA WAM utilize web width infrared sensor to measure the web at the bridge. The sensor feedback the position of the web and the steering assembly which comprises of several non crush wheels will adjust the web to the correct position. The web can be aligned in accordance to the corrugator centerline or in accordance to the web edge.

All alignment is done automatically. The advantage of WAM allows automatically adjusting the web to the correct position through the steering assembly without damaging web and the edges of the web.

WAM can continuously detect the width of the web during production. Depending on the setting for centerline alignment or edge alignment, it will automatically steer the web to the correct position within 1.5mm

Settings of the WAM are done through the touchscreen operation. Through feedback from the sensors, the servo motor will steer the steering assembly to the correct position by the leadscrew. The webs on the bridge can either aligned with the edge of the bottom liner or the centerline of the corrugator.

Operational data and configuration data of WAM are shown and set through the touchscreen

“Actual” shows the actual position of the web

“Config” shows the followings:

  • S.Resolution: sensor resolution. Defult is 1.5mm.
  • S.Blind: sensor blind width. Default setting is 328mm.
  • Correction COE: system response speed. Default setting is 2866. Higher valve allows  faster response but may lead to unstability of the system.
  • Filtering COE: filtering data. Default setting is 1.
  • L/F Selection: set the system to be a right handed machine or left handed machine.
  • “Fine-tuning” : click the “fine-tuning left +” button for 3 seconds, can switch to “fine-tuning left-“, used to the ” migration button “adjustment direction on the setting the panel; 7. Level: set the system to be single wall, double wall or triple wall machine.

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