Omega 150 Bi-Directional Inspection Rewinder

The Compact, economic, one stop solution for the pharmaceutical industry and security markets

The Flytech 150 bi-directional inspection rewinder allows 100% inspection of the web whilst maintaining a very small footprint.

The machine consists of a 100% printface control system and allows each defect to be inspected and then re inspected, meeting the demands of the pharmaceutical industry and other high security markets.

The Flytech 150 can inspect single lane web widths of up to 250mm and has the option to be fitted with inkjet technology, allowing sequential numbering, barcodes and sell by dates to be applied in one pass.


Maximum web width: 210 mm
Maximum rewinding speed: 150 m/min
Control speed: Dependent on the type of product
Maximum roll weight rewinder: 10 KG
Maximum roll weight unwinder: 10 KG
Maximum roll diameter rewinder: Max. 400mm
Maximum roll diameter unwinder: Max. 400mm
Unwind mandrel: Core diameter 76 mm
Rewind mandrel: Core diameter 76 mm
Web tension: 0.3 – 3 kg
Electrical requirement: 1/N/PE ~ 50/60  Hz 230V
Power requirement: 2 kVA
Air requirement: 6 Bar
Many more options on requests
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