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Unique end-to-end JDF solution for label printing

Dutch label printer W&R Etiketten is combining its Xeikon 3300 label press with the Esko-Artwork automated workflow solutions and CERM Management Information System (MIS) to create a streamlined and JDF-connected production process. Advanced automation will further reshape the company whereby its conventional presses and entire product warehousing are integrated into the solution, along with new internet-based services to be added.


With the number of jobs going up and the number of labels per job going down, Jack Willemsz, Manager Director W&R Etiketten, expects growing pressure on the high end of the market. W&R Etiketten decided to join the digital print revolution and invested in a Xeikon 3300 digital label press: “The system offers the right quality at a constant speed. The overall investment was a lot more attractive compared to other systems, and there is no cost-per-click involved. Plus it is a ‘green machine’, as it uses more environmentally friendly toners,” says Willemsz.


“Getting a digital press is not the only issue,” explains Willemsz. “We needed to seriously increase the number of jobs we produced to keep our turnover at the same level. However, our account managers would still need the same amount of time to manage each order. So we needed to bring down our cost per order in another way – and that meant automating and standardizing our processes as much as possible.” And that’s where CERM and EskoArtwork got involved. W&R Etiketten needed to connect the existing CERM MIS and the prepress to handle the increasing number of jobs. CERM and EskoArtwork have developed a prepress automated workflow featuring an intelligent JDF connection for the label industry ensuring all job information is entered once and is used throughout the whole production process. There is no more need for two separate systems that both have to be updated every time new information is added– for changes or approvals, for example. W&R Etiketten also opted for the EskoArtwork RIP as this means they can now manage colour and quality for both the digital and conventional production processes from one source.


CERM MIS is supporting the Esko-Artwork prepress workflow and gives the Xeikon 3300 production process directions. Meanwhile, thanks to a true JDF/JMF connection, real-time information on order status and time registrations from the Xeikon 3300 is automatically being sent back to CERM, enabling the system and its users to track jobs and monitor the uptime of the digital press: “By the end of the year, we will also be able to send information to, and retrieve data from, the conventional presses via the CERM-press counters and the Shop Floor Data Collection module from CERM,” says Willemsz. “This will enable us to get even tighter control of production and increase efficiency.”Willemsz also expects additional internet services to play a key role in the company’s development: “The internet will prove very important to us and our clients. It will enable them to submit orders, upload data and track job progress. CERM has already developed excellent applications for this purpose, which combined with our EskoArtwork and Xeikon solutions means we’re ideally placed to exploit new commercial opportunities.”


W&R Etiketten underlines the many benefits of the JDF integrated workflow solution. “Automation and standardization at first take some time for people to get used to,” concludes Willemsz. “But once everyone gets into the new routine, it will increasingly save us time and money.” Looking to the future, Willemsz has a clear vision of what W&R Etiketten will look like: “We will be a bigger and more professional company. There will be two Xeikon digital presses running next to each other, and our conventional presses will be more efficient than ever before. The internet will have become a major sales channel for us, and clients will be increasingly involved in managing jobs themselves. Ultimately we will make a big difference to our customers, thanks to our partners’ unique endto-end solution.”


High quality printing through exact colour management Highly advanced automated JDF workflow Increased speed of order intake and job preparation Reduced error rate Accurate invoicing and cost analysis Real-time information on order status and time registrations More efficient planning and Production.


W&R Etiketten’s unified workflow solution is one of the first in the label industry to bring together administration, prepress, workflow automation and digital printing systems using JDF integration. All job specifications, such as format, quantity, material, colours, finishing requirements and date of delivery, are entered into the CERM MIS solution. The CERM MIS database then provides all the necessary information to the EskoArtwork Automation Engine. The EskoArtwork Color Engine ensures exact colour management for all jobs at the highest quality. At the same time, CERM’s MIS system passes job information to the X-800, Xeikon’s digital front-end, through a JDF connection. Based on this information, the X-800 will pull the according PDF-file from the central server and starts processing according to the settings as specified by the MIS. During production, Xeikon sends status information back to the CERM MIS using JDF and JMF. CERM uses this information to keep track of production status and costs and can monitor the uptime of the digital press. In the second phase of the fully automated JDF workflow integration planned later in 2010, CERM Web- 4Labels will allow W&R customers to submit jobs via the internet. CERM MIS and the EskoArtwork Automation Engine will together plan and control the job information to and from the conventional UV flexo label presses, next to the Xeikon 3300 digital label presses.

W&R Etiketten
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