The Rainbow M is the solventless version of the new generation of Uteco digitally controlled laminators. Joint partnerships with high level technical partners has allowed Uteco to further improve the capabilities and performance of its product  line.

An example of this innovation is the auto-recognition capability of the Rainbow to identify different web types (extensible – semirigid – rigid) being laminated and to automatically adjust the laminator to the apporpriate tension curves.

The heart of the Rainbow M is its coating unit design. With its special configuration, the metering, transfer and coating rollers are always in contact irrespective of roller heating, type of adhesive and machine speed.

The special contact profile of the coating rollers and the pneumtically  controlled  action of the transfer roller makes it unnecessary to readjust its position during machine operation. This system assures uniformity and accuracy of adhesive metering  at any speed  thus eliminating  the “tunneling” effect while reducing misting.

The Rainbow M’s configuration positions the laminating nip just after the coating unit thus guaranteeing the opportunity of curling and contamination of thw web.

The machine supervisor and the ability to change the roller sleeves on the machine ensure very short changeover times. This compact machine is equipped with shaftless winders which are motorized by vector drive brushless motors  supplied by Control Techniques.

Main options

  • Mixer head for different types of adhesives
  • Corona treaters  both for  primary and secondary substrate
  • Automatic shafted or shaftless winders for rolls of varyind diameter.
  • Logipack® roll and core handling system
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