A pioneer in digital printing, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers high-end digital colour printing systems for the industrial, document and commercial printing market segments.
These systems, which provide digital printing solutions from start to finish, are composed of advanced web-fed printing engines using LED-array-based, drytoner electrophotography, open workflow software, exclusive toner and other consumables.

Xeikon’s production and R&D operations are based in Belgium and its solutions are distributed by Xeikon International BV in The Netherlands and supported through a worldwide sales and service network. For information about Xeikon’s basysprint UV-Setter  product line, please check http://basysprint.com/

Customer service is key

As experts in digital colour printing, we realise that in an industry where technology and innovation are the driving forces, performance is measured by one criterion only: customer satisfaction. So when digital printing businesses choose us as their provider, we make sure that our people do their absolute best to satisfy.

Even though Xeikon’s customer base is highly diversified, Xeikon users have one important trait in common: they are all dedicated to delivering impeccable print quality. Xeikon targets the high-end segment of the digital printing market with printing presses that, without exception, deliver excellent print quality and systematically score better than competing products in productivity and cost-effectiveness.

But we only know we are performing as promised when we can look our customers in the face and see that they are truly satisfied with the result.

We meet your needs
Digital printing opens a whole range of new business opportunities. Harnessing the full power of this way of printing is only possible when your digital equipment is seamlessly and truly integrated into your business environment.

With Xeikon, you’ll find the ideal application and integration partner. We sit down with you and analyse your business opportunities to develop an implementation plan that meets your specifications. This plan can include pre- and post-finishing equipment as well as specific software and hardware developments.

At Xeikon, we know that every customer is unique.

Xeikon – The ecologically responsible solution

When you choose Xeikon for your digital printing needs, you know that you are
making the right choice for the environment.

Xeikon presses:

  • Produce no hazardous emissions of VOCs
  • Do not cause water pollution as they do not use any process water
  • Use materials for printing that are guaranteed to be recyclable as the toner canbe easily removed
  • Use toners that contain no harmful chemicals

When developing new products we are guided both by environmental objectives andkey design strategies:

  • Eco-objectives: we aim to reduce recycling costs of all Xeikon products and the printed material produced and to minimize the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire life span, while meeting existing environmental directives and anticipating environment-related product standards and customer requirements.
  • Design strategies: we aim to meet our eco-objectives by replacing or reducing the raw materials used, improving process efficiency, optimizing energy consumption and product life cycles, and improving product disposal processes and recyclability.


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