The Mistral is the multiprocess, fully digital controlled version of the Uteco.
The duplex Mistral laminator is equipped with interchangeable trolleys. They allow the use of up to ten different coating and laminating technologies;

  • Solvent based lamination
  • Water based lamination
  • Solventless lamination with adhesives
  • UV based lamination
  • Water based and solvent based lacquering with rotogravure trolley
  • Water based and solvent based lacquering with semi-flexo trolley for heavy coating weights
  • PVDC coating
  • In register Cold Seal coating of on a pre-printed reel
  • One color gravure in-register printing
  • Wax and Hot Melt coating and lamination

The Mistral is offered in two versions. The Mistral M is provided with a 6m drying tunnel and double support frames for lamination. The Mistral MC (compact version) is supplied with a 5m drying tunnel and a single support frame. The Mistral is equipped with a double stack, high efficiency, drying tunnel with low solvent retention values.  It is easy to maintain with a lift open top that slides towards the operator side for easy cleaning of both the air nozzles and path rollers.

Main options:

  • Mixing unit for the use of different solventless adhesives (supplied with the solventless trolley)
  • Additional structure, unwinder and lamination nip to perform wet bond lamination.
  • Automatic LEL system when using solvent-based adhesives
  • Various drying systems can be used
  • The distance between the air nozzles and web between infeed and outfeed of the tunnel can be easily adjusted
  • Corona treaters for both primary and secondary web
  • Shaftless winders for reels of varying diameters
  • Logipack® roll and core handling system
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