Central impression flexographic printing presses are the most popular type of printing press due to their ability to hold register and print high quality work on most materials. The introduction of gearless technology combined with the use of sleeves has improved the capabilities of flexo printing by significantly improving job changeover times and print quality.

The following equipment comes standard on more sophisticated presses and is optionally available on all equipment; automatic register setting, automated print pressure adjustment, in-line color density measurement, closed loop control of air recirculation. Automatic winders can be equipped with robots for reel handling and preparation of roll cores allowing flying job changes. This technology is compatible with most materials including film, paper and paperboard and different roll diameters (from 800 mm to 1800 mm / 32″ to 70″).

Almost all central impression flexo presses offered by Uteco are of the gearless type equipped with servomotors for rotation of the print sleeve mandrels. Uteco also offers a line of geared presses for those customers with narrowly defined print requirements where a geared press still makes financial sense.
Uteco’s engineering services can customize presses to match specific customer requests.




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