The ONYX central impression flexographic printing press represents Uteco’s state of the art offering to the printing industry.  Equipped with Direct Drive Evo® technology, it features unmatchable print quality, easy operation and extremely fast job changes.
To ensure optimum dot quality, Uteco developed Direct Drive Evo® technology, our true, patent protected, direct drive technology.  The CI drum and the plate sleeve mandrels are flanged directly into their drive motors ensuring that dot quality is not compromised.  PCT® and PTC® technologies are used to enhance print operation during press operation.

The new ONYX series of presses feature Uteco’s latest hardware and software developments that automatically set print register and printing pressures at job start reducing both waste and changeover times, ensuring optimum press performance and maximum return on investment.

ONYX can be supplied in five different models :

  • ONYX 612 GL: a 6 color long repeat press
  • ONYX 808/810/812 GL: three 8 color presses with traditional or long repeats
  • ONYX 810 & 110 GL: two 10 color presses with traditional or long repeats

PCT® – Press Control During Transition

This system features automatic adjustment of print registers and printing pressures at job start up. This automatic system implements immediate response of the printing press to the visual image as received by the video inspection system.

PTC® – Predictable Torque Control

This software system allows predictive control of plate mandrel servomotor’s torque in varying print conditions to ensure best available print register accuracy.

Direct Drive Evo®

The Direct Drive Evo® technology by Uteco grants unique performances which give converters important benefits.

Chamber Doctor Blade

The new pneumatically loaded chamber doctor blade features :

  1. Newly designed lightweight and robust doctor blade chambers
  2. On deck toolless end seal replacement
  3. Fast change toolless doctor blades

Sprint Wash®

The ONYX can be equipped with SprintWash®, Uteco’s automatic and modular washing system.  Three different washing cycles (light, medium and heavy) can be selected per deck based on need by the operator on the machine supervisor.

Onyx 612 GL

This model best serves the industrial & high volume sack and bag market requiring long print repeats.

This model maintains all the features of the ONYX series and can be equipped with Direct Drive Evo in-line print/coating fl exo units for  back printing and/or coating and in-register varnish, either air dried or UV/EB cured.

Onyx 808-810-812 GL

With its newly designed “total capture” CI section the ONYX 808 represents the best quality to price ratio available in gearless fl exo technology for the flexible packaging market. The press can be supplied in varying confi gurations; with fl exo or gravure in-line units for additional front /back colors, for varnish/lacquers, and or for various types of coatings including adhesives for in-line lamination.

The ONYX 810 is typically used for long repeat print applications on shrink plastic film for beverage overwrap as well as for various types of paper sacks and bags. The 810’s heavy duty design works well with Uteco’s quick job change philosophy characteristic of the ONYX series of presses. Special bridge sleeves and sleeve carts are supplied with the 810 to assist press operators when changing larger sleeves.

The “big” ONYX 812 is the ideal machine for the “pre-print” on corrugated carton used for medium size packaging. This model is often supplied with in-line flexo units for the application of water base/UV/EB varnishes.  Special lifting platforms, carriers and sleeve trolleys are wupplied with this machine to facilitate the operator’s job during the sleeve change in case of big repeats (1250 mm).

Onyx 108-110 GL

The ONYX 10 color series features two models differentiated only by maximum  repeat length. The ONYX 108 with an industry standard repeat is most commonly used in conventional fl exible packaging applications. The ONYX 110 with its longer repeat is well suited for shrink fi lms and industrial applications. These robust presses are equipped with a very effi cient drying system on both the CI section as well as the drying tunnel in order to reduce solvent retention even at high printing speeds.

Depending on the confi guration they can be equipped with either ladders or lift platforms to assist the operator with sleeve changes on the upper decks.

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