In the last decade of the 70’s there are about 1700 printing companies registered by the Indonesia Department of Industry from a total of 15000 company that scattered all over Indonesia. With the political will and economic stability, the present government is seriously working toward the road map of the Printing Industries for the next 25 years, as they realized that the industries playing an important role for the continuing growth of the economies, education and to preserve the cultural tradition. In the 50’s Printing Industries are playing an important roles on the Independence of Indonesia in 1945 and becoming the top 5 industries in the 50’s.


Corrugated is the most widely used material for packaging. Its versatility and functionality make it the logical choice for most packaging needs. Whether your product is big – heavy – small – fragile – complex – simple – or simply a “Work of Art”.


Labels serve different purposes; labels are used to create brand identification, for advertising, warning and other communication with your customers. Labels personalize your services, and also help customers to select the right product. Labels carry key information about the product. It contains information about the ingredients or components of product, company name, country name, and site or location etc.


A Package or container made of flexible or easily yielding materials that, when filled or closed, can be readily changed in shape. The construction may be of paper, plastic film, foil or any combination of these. Includes rollstock, bags, pouches, labels / wraps, lidding, shrink sleeves and stretch film.

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